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Who are we?

The Danish Car Importers Association - De Danske Bilimportører (DBI) - is an industry association for 30 car importers in Denmark. DBI's principal task is to handle and safeguard our members' interests. We disseminate knowledge about the automotive industry and act as a spokesbody vis-à-vis the Government, the Folketing (the Danish Parliament), Ministries and other public authorities.

Our mission

The Danish Car Importers Association is the leading supplier of knowledge about the automotive industry.

This means that we:

The Danish Car Importers Association is a "spokesbody" for importers of passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses.

This means that we:


The association was founded in 1940, and, until the spring of 1997, the name of the association was "The Danish Automobile Importers Association" - "Automobil Importørernes Sammenslutning" (AIS). DBI's objective is (and has always been) to achieve maximum influence on the decisions that are made regarding the Danish automotive industry and to act as the spokesbody of the automotive industry vis-à-vis the Government, the Folketing, public authorities, other trade and industry associations and the Danish population in general.

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