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Who we are?

The Danish Car Importers Association - De Danske Bilimportører - is an interest and industry association for 22 car importers in Denmark. The Danish Car Importers Association principal task is to handle and secure our members interests. We disseminate knowledge about the automotive industry and act as a spokesman to the Government, the Danish Parliament (Folketing),  Ministries and other public authorities.

The secretariat

The Secretariat is a small, professional unit that handles daily tasks in all areas. Please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat if you have any questions.

In addition to the secretariat, extern consultants and advisors help us fulfilling our goals.

Our mission

The Danish Car Importers Association is a leading supplier of knowledge about the automotive industry. Mainly, we operate in 3 areas: Politics and opinion formation, industry solutions and member affairs.

Politics and opinion formation

We act as spokes body for our members. This means that we:

  • Are an official consultation partner regarding new legislation.
  • Are a representative at industry-related councils, boards and committees.
  • Participate in the public debate and in the Danish press.
  • Are a Danish representative in international car importers and car producers organizations.

Industry solutions

We organize and negotiates practical solutions for our members’ common needs and challenges. That includes:

  • Facilitating development and offering IT-solutions (especially within statistics and systems for registration of vehicles and data processing in relation to the authorities).
  • Recycling and environmental solutions related to discarded cars.
  • Workshop activities and lectures on topics like marketing, personal data, car statistics etc.

Serving our members

We assist our members in many matters related to their daily tasks: For instance: 

  • We conduct legal proceedings of fundamental importance to the industry. 
  • We clarify and interpret legislation.
  • We provide general and legal advice to members.
  • We disseminate new laws and regulations to the members.

Our history

The association was founded in 1940 and until spring 1997, the name of the association was "The Danish Automobile Importers Association" (Automobil Importørernes Sammenslutning). The Danish Car Importers Association’s objective is (and has always been) to achieve maximum influence on the decisions that are made regarding the Danish automotive industry and to act as spokesman of the automotive industry to the Government, the Parliament, public authorities, other trade and industry associations and the Danish population in general.

We represent an industry that has undergone rapid development over the years and is now facing - if possible - even greater change. There is a great public focus on our area because:

  • The car is central for many Danish families, traders and all public authorities. The car is a necessity to ensure optimal mobility in the everyday life of Danes.
  • The number of passenger cars in Denmark has increased steadily over the past 50 years, and as a natural consequence, the car plays an even greater role in modern society. In 1963, 605,486 registered cars were in Denmark – in 2016, the number was more than 2.9 million (2.5 million passenger cars, 396,000 vans, 42,000 trucks, 9,000 buses and 12,000 motorhomes).
  • Car owners are still paying more and more money to the state budget as a result of ongoing increases in car taxes. In 1963, almost 74,000 new cars were registered equal to around DKK 700 million in total registration fee. In comparison, almost 223,000 new passenger cars and vans were registered in 2016 from which the state received almost DKK 20 billion in registration fee.

That is why the Danish Car Importers Association still plays an important role today.

Our positions

The mission of the Danish Car Importers Association is to provide highly qualified advice to our members. At the same time, we promote the conditions of Danish car importers and ensure the greatest possible influence on the political decision-making based on the following objectives:

  • The purchase of a new car should be based on real transport needs and not on car taxes.
  • Danish car importers should have the same competitive conditions as car importers in other EU countries.
  • The registration fee needs to be reformed:
    • Car taxes should not be based on the values/prices of cars, but on technical characteristics including CO2 emission.   
    • Car taxes should be charged on an ongoing basis and not payed all at once. 
    • Car taxes should be lower in general. 

The board

The highest authority of the Danish Car Importers Association is the General Assembly. The General Assembly elects the board who serves as ongoing sparring partner for the Secretariat. The Board's primary job is to set goals, frameworks, guidelines and priorities and oversee the association's finances. 

The current Board of Directors:
  • CEO Jens Bjerrisgaard, Semler Gruppen A/S, Chairman
  • CEO Niels Berthelsen, Nic. Christiansen Gruppen A/S
  • CEO Mogens Lyngsø, Kia Import Danmark A/S
  • CEO Jan Askholm, BMW Danmark A/S
  • CEO Magnus Boman, Volvo Cars Danmark A/S 
  • CEO Marcus Holm, Scania Danmark A/S

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